myfashionpower-07If you type in “fashion tips”  in your browser, the majority of them will have to do with fashion tips for women. Some 80-90% of all fashion tips that you can find this way will be for women. Of the fashion tips for men, only a few of them are really good, at least I didn’t manage to find a lot of them. So, I thought to myself: “Why don’t I write down a few fashion tips for men?”. And so here we are.

The reason for the lack of fashion tip lies in part in the fact that most men really don’t pay too much attention to how important what they wear is. At least not as much as women do. For instance, every time when me and my wife want to get out for a drink or for a walk, she spends nearly half hour trying what dress is best for the occasion (even when there is no occasion), looking at herself in a mirror trying this outfit after that one, while I just take the first T-shirt and jeans that I can grab from my closet and get ready in 5 minutes. Of course, that doesn’t make us look like a really great couple, she being all dressed-up and me looking like I went out to walk a dog or to buy some newspapers.

That actually leads me to the first advise that I have for you. Listen to your better half. Trust me, when it comes to fashion, women have much keener senses than us men. So, if she berates you for looking like you just crawled out of a dumpster and starts to pull out pieces of clothes that you should wear, accept her opinion. There will be plenty of time where you will be able to wear your favorite “Slayer” T-Shirt, just not when you are with her.

You also must keep in mind how old you are. No one takes a guy in his 40s seriously if he wears shorts. Also, wearing a T-Shirt with your favorite metal or punk band logo is something that is appropriate for an adolescent or a teenager, but when you reach 30 or so, you really need to get rid of that and start to dress according to your age. While what you wear can indeed make you look younger, if you go too far, it can also make you look like a complete idiot.

myfashionpower-06If you are apple-shaped (round in other words), you need to wear something that will make you look slimmer in it, like light colors. This will make your siluette more difficult to define. Also, the pants and the shirt need to both be light, because dark pants and light shirt will make you look even shorter and rounder.

If you are more thin, you need to put more accent to your shoulders and try to broaden them. Wear jackets, especially those with shoulder-pads.

If you are just an average Joe, make sure that you wear male colors, like black and brown and avoid the more feminine ones.

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